A Message From Our Founder


Why a Women’s Financial Academy?

I launched the Women’s Financial Academy in 2010 after seeing the aftermath of the great recession. As I developed the program I was shocked to discover how many people, from all walks of life and professions, had little knowledge about investments and didn’t want to risk looking inadequate when asking for help. The common thread of remarks that I hear are: “I just need to understand this stuff,” “schools don’t teach investing” and “my parents didn’t talk about it.”

At the Women’s Financial Academy we have created a safe and relaxed environment where you can learn. We bring in other advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, elder care providers, and more so that you can ask questions and have practice conversations. All the while, the environment maintains strict confidentiality and you are never asked to share your personal net worth.

We are now in uncharted waters as pensions fall by the wayside, government debt is at an all-time high, and social security experiences its challenges. We need to take control of our own planning! Whether you are a novice or a proficient investor we have a class for you. We also offer gender-neutral classes on a limited basis.  I hope you will join us for a class.

An education makes all the difference!

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